Consent form

Getting Warm Handover consent to share personal information

All organisations who are part of the Suffolk Information Partnership will ask for permission (consent) to hold a person's personal information when that person wishes to use their services. However not all will ask for permission to share a person's personal information with other organisations, if they do not usually share information outside their organisation.

All organisations who are part of the Warm Handover referral scheme will need permission to share a person's information with other organisations in the scheme. They will also need to be able to produce evidence that permission (consent) has been given if they are challenged in the future.

The Suffolk Information Partnership has created a form to use if your organisation does not ask for permission to share a person's information when you first have contact with them. You can find the form here.

Please save a copy of the form and customise it to your organisation. Your staff need to be informed how they can access the customised blank form and how and where completed forms are stored in your system. Acess to and storage of completed forms needs to comply with your organisation's Data Protection Policy and they will need to be produced as evidence of consent if requested.

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