What is the Suffolk Information Partnership?

The Suffolk Information Partnership (SIP) was formed in 2010 by the five key voluntary sector organisations in Suffolk at the time and Suffolk County Council's Adult Social Care directorate. Now, it has expanded to include over one hundred statutory, voluntary, and independent sector organisations all offering information and advice and delivering services to support families, young people and adult’s health and wellbeing in Suffolk.

The aim of the Partnership is to work together to provide clear, consistent, quality information to customers and the public and a seamless journey for those needing to access services.

The Partnership runs itself, holding quarterly meetings to share updates on partners' services, discuss topics of interest and work on projects. It also produces a newsletter, encourages informal contact amongst partners and is responsible for managing the Warm Handover Referral Scheme.

It is accountable to the Suffolk Collaborative Communities Board and Suffolk County Council’s Public Health Directorate Management Team.

Terms of Reference

Benefits of being part of the SIP

  • Being part of an influential network championing good information across Suffolk
  • Peer support and informal mentoring
  • Keeping up to date with partner’s services
  • Exchanging information
  • Toolkit of resources
  • Access to the Warm Handover Referral Scheme

What is expected of partners?

  • Champion quality information inside and outside your organisation
  • Play an active part in the Partnership
  • Respect other partners and the values of the Partnership

How can my organisation join?

The SIP and WHRS welcomes statutory, voluntary, and independent sector organisations providing information and services to adults, young people, or families in Suffolk to help them improve their wellbeing or manage their health, care, or finances. Membership is open to all organisations whatever their size, from organisations working across the county to smaller organisations supporting one community.

If your organisation is only joining the Suffolk Information Partnership you do not need to complete the HealthCheck. However, all organisations will be encouraged to do so as this will enable you to demonstrate that your organisation is well run and has robust policies and procedures in place.

If you would like to join please send:

  • Jpeg or png image of your organisation's logo
  • Short paragraph about what you do. This will appear on the What Partners do page of the SIP website.
  • List of the services you provide by completing this form. This will be used for the Search for Services page of the SIP website
  • Name and email address of a contact person who will be added on the SIP mailing list and who will promote your organisation and the SIP
  • An InfoLink record Suffolk InfoLink. If your organisation does not have a record on Suffolk InfoLink (Suffolk’s community directory) you will need to create one. This is an integral part of joining the SIP as a member and connects Suffolk residents and other organisations with your service offerings. If you have any questions or require support creating the record please either seek help on Suffolk InfoLink | InfoLink Help page or contact the InfoLink team: Infolink@suffolk.gov.uk

The SIP and Warm Handover Referral Scheme are free to join.