It was agreed by partner organisations at the Suffolk Information Partnership (SIP) meeting in October 2022 to adopt the Community Action Suffolk Organisation HealthCheck (HealthCheck) as part of the required documentation for joining the SIP’s Warm Handover Referral Scheme (WHRS).

Partners agreed that the HealthCheck will give an extra layer of assurance to their clients, customers and patients when referring on to other organisations within the WHRS.

The HealthCheck covers the governance areas that organisations should have policies and procedures in place for and it contains a self-assessment and action planning tool to help organisations evaluate themselves. It is free to download and use and it forms the first level of the Community Action Suffolk Quality Framework. More information can be found at

If your organisation is only joining the Suffolk Information Partnership you do not need to complete the HealthCheck. However, all organisations will be encouraged to do so as this will enable you to demonstrate that your organisation is well run and has robust policies and procedures in place.

Organisations wishing to join the Warm Handover Referral Scheme as well as the SIP are required to complete the HealthCheck self-assessment or provide equivalent evidence.

Statutory organisations, such as local councils, NHS, and the police, will not be required to complete the HealthCheck.

For other organisations, if you can provide evidence of a similar accreditation, quality standard or recognised audit process then you may be exempt. This includes, but is not limited to, if you hold accreditation to or are externally verified by:

  • Financial Conduct Authority Professional Standards

  • Ofsted

  • Care Quality Commission

  • Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

  • The Advice Services Alliance’s Advice Quality Standard (AQS)

  • NHS The Information Standard

  • National Council for Voluntary Organisations’ PQASSO (Practical Quality Assurance System for Small Organisations)

Organisations wishing to join the Warm Handover Referral Scheme that don’t have any of the accreditations listed above will need to download and complete the HealthCheck self-assessment. You will need to rate, as Red, Amber, or Green, your organisation’s ability to meet the requirements for each of the four sections. Submit the self-assessment along with the rest of your documentation. The minimum standard for acceptance of each section is shown in Appendix B. 

Although some sections may show the minimum standard as Amber, we would encourage all organisations to continuously review these and aim to meet a full Green rating across all sections by their renewal date.

If your organisation does not meet the minimum standard as shown in Appendix B the SIP and Community Action Suffolk will support organisations to help them reach the required level of eligibility however there may be cases where referral functions are limited in agreement with the partner organisation.